Mª Ángeles

My name is Mª Ángeles and what led me to study Psychology was a great curiosity about how people and their environment are related.

I can accompany you if you are having a bad time and think that you have already tried everything to improve, if you have not just been well with yourself, but you have trouble discovering the reason or you simply want to improve and achieve greater well-being.

We create together a climate of closeness, warmth and trust, without judging at any time and always maintaining respect.

We work with problems of resistance to change and complicated situations that remain over time.

How can I help you?

Techniques and tools to improve your emotional well-being and quality of life.



My job is to establish from the outset a bond of trust that helps me understand what situation you are in.


Sports psychology

Sports psychology is the part of psychology that studies the activities and interrelationships developed by all people related to sports activity.


Online therapy

Online sessions are offered that allow people who can not attend the consultation, access the services of Psychology and Coaching.

Let's work together

From my passion for psychology, I support and accompany people. We find resources and tools to face various adversities or situations of daily life, in which thoughts, emotions and behaviors are involved. It is about preventing, solving and / or eliminating different situations that, to a different extent, cause discomfort.

I work with teenagers and adults. The areas we work in consultation, among others are:

  • Anxiety disorders
    Self control
    Depression and mood disorder
    Low self-esteem
    Emotional intelligence
    Social Skills Training
    Sports psychology


Can Roca Street 23 Office 1.8

Castelldefels (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 937 607 409


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